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Fonts are the candy sprinkles on the ice cream of text.

[archive] The most recent fonts are featured on this page. Older fonts can be found in an archive. Miscellaneous information is conveyed in a FAQ.

These fonts are free for any use, as per the enclosed readme files. I would like to hear about any use you might get out of them, however, so leave feedback.

* Fonts of the Moment *

[Whickerish Allcaps][Download]

Whickerish Allcaps is a font which an old man keeps on his front porch. During the summer, he sits on it, sipping iced tea and saying hello to anyone who walks by. During the winter, he covers it with a tarp.


Decoman is the sort of writing that someone might doodle if they had heard of the 1920s but still thought that a 'flapper' was part of a flush toilet. All caps with an assortment of punctuation including the euro symbol.

[Henry Johnson][Download]

Henry Johnson is a bold, full-keyboard font which is meant to be pleasant without being sincere. It is the typeset equivalent of a handsome spokesmodel who takes a swig of black coffee, looks you in the eye, and says something implausible.