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Some of these questions are actually asked with some frequency. Others are rhetorical contrivances for posting information.

Who are you?

P.D. Magnus. More about me can be found elsewhere.

What is your interest in fonts?

I am fascinated by exotic fonts, I have overflowing folders full of them, and I work them into documents whenever the opportunity presents itself. I doodled fonts for as long as I can remember, and at some point I started puttering around with making Truetype fonts.

Several of the fonts on this site were designed with specific applications in mind. Fonts are versatile things, however, so you should feel free to put them to whatever use seems fitting.

How can I get in touch with you?

[e-mail] If you have used one of the fonts and want to brag, if you have seen one of the fonts in use someplace, if you need a Type1 version of one of them, or if you would just like to say hi, then contact me via e-mail.

Can I use such-and-such font to do such-and-so?

Certainly. The fonts are free for all use, commercial and otherwise. If you use one of the fonts, I would love to hear about it. If you have an image or photo of the font in situ, I would love to see it. I would be tickled if you sent me copy of the thing that you are making, in which you use the font.

You are welcome to distribute the font files themselves, provided you derive no profit from doing so and keep them with the accompanying readme file.

What are the system requirements for these fonts?

These are in TrueType format and have been tested extensively under OS X. They should work similarly under other versions of Unix or Windows.

[TT Converter][Download] If you are running a previous version of Mac OS, use TTConvertor. It is a classic app by Chris Reed that changes TrueType fonts to the old-school mac format. Since I no longer run classic, I have not checked the recent fonts for compatibility with TTConverter. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble.

What is the story of fontmonkey.com?

Font Monkey was the name I gave to a little perl module that I released in 1999. That was when domains cost real money, so I did not buy it. A group of Brits did, sat on it for several years, and then later let it lapse. When I started making my own TrueType fonts, I decided not to let the domain slip through my fingers again. I have gotten offers for it, but none have been large enough to make me consider selling.