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Fonts are the candy sprinkles on the ice cream of text.

[archive] The most recent fonts are featured on this page. Older fonts can be found in an archive. Miscellaneous information is conveyed in a FAQ.

These fonts are free for any use, as per the enclosed readme files. I would like to hear about any use you might get out of them, however, so leave feedback.

* Fonts of the Moment *

[Carrollus Magnus][Download]

If I made a half-hearted attempt at forging Lewis Carroll's handwriting, it might look something like this. It is a riff on Jaz's classic font Lewis Carroll but with a more even line weight.

[Mild Hand Jive][Download]

This is a font I scribbled out and forgot about, unless perhaps someone else had been scribbling out fonts in my style and hiding them on my harddrive.

[Tye Spices][Download]

In a small room in a large building, a man with a ballpoint pen is pretending to be a typewriter. He makes clickety-clackety noises, and his handwriting looks like Tye Spices. This is a hand-scribbled echo of my earlier font Tye Paloon, which already wasn't quite a typewriter font.

[Parrish House][Download]

This font began as a scan of an alphabet drawn by the illustrator Maxfield Parrish. The original had neither an uppercase N, numerals, nor any punctuation besides a period and a comma. I extrapolated what the rest might look like, including a range of characters with diacritical marks.