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Fonts are the candy sprinkles on the ice cream of text.

[archive] The most recent fonts are featured on this page. Older fonts can be found in an archive. Miscellaneous information is conveyed in a FAQ.

These fonts are free for any use, as per the enclosed readme files. I would like to hear about any use you might get out of them, however, so leave feedback.

* Fonts of the Moment *


Decoman is the sort of writing that someone might doodle if they had heard of the 1920s but still thought that a 'flapper' was part of a flush toilet. All caps with an assortment of punctuation including the euro symbol.


Brickbat is a big, chunky, alphanumeric font which is meant to convey bricks and, to a lesser degree, bats. It was drawn as the title font for the solitaire game Ambagibus.

[Henry Johnson][Download]

Henry Johnson is a bold, full-keyboard font which is meant to be pleasant without being sincere. It is the typeset equivalent of a handsome spokesmodel who takes a swig of black coffee, looks you in the eye, and says something implausible.

[Stray Gosling][Download]

Stray Gosling is another member of the Font Monkey S family, with squat capitals and proud lowercase. It is, perhaps, the font that a hobbit uses when writing handbills to protest unsafe working conditions.