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Fonts are the candy sprinkles on the ice cream of text.

[archive] The most recent fonts are featured on this page. Older fonts can be found in an archive. Miscellaneous information is conveyed in a FAQ.

These fonts are free for any use, as per the enclosed readme files. I would like to hear about any use you might get out of them, however, so leave feedback.

* Fonts of the Moment *

[Sour Milk][Download]

There is an old lady who goes to the village and tries to sell her jam, but people prefer to buy jam from the hobbits who live under the hill. So she pretends that the jam she is selling is hobbit-made. She letters the labels in the best imitation of hobbit script that she can muster, and this is what it looks like.

This is a revised version of Milk Run which I made for writing colour text in The Decktet Book, splicing its neat and compact form with frivolous serifs of the S family. Sour Milk contains quite a few international characters.

[Fortune Letters+][Download]

These two are fonts that I designed when putting together the Decktet. Fortune Letters is a seasoning salt, a close relative to the S-family font Spelling Salt. It includes support for lots of international characters, including the complete Cyrillic alphabet. The sparse dingbats font Fortune Widgets provides extra body to the recipe.

[Sand Dollar][Download]

This is a light, narrow, serif font. It's a distant cousin of Spellstone, perhaps the sort of font that Hobbits would use to label wine bottles. Sand Dollar is a full-keyboard font, even including the euro symbol.